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品牌 : Patek Philippe
系列 : Grand Complications
型號 : 6002R-001
腕錶 : 陀飛輪
機芯 : 手動上弦機械機芯 R TO 27 QR SID LU CL
錶盤 : 18K金錶盤
錶殼 : 玫瑰金。藍寶石水晶透蓋。防潮防塵(無防水)
直徑 : 44 毫米
厚度 : 17.35毫米
錶帶 : 方形鱗紋鱷魚皮,折疊式表扣

BRAND : Patek Philippe
MODEL : Grand Complications
MODEL NUMBER : 6002R-001
WATCH : Tourbillon
MOVEMENT : Mechanical manually wound movement
DIAL : 18K gold dial plate
CASE : Rose gold. Sapphire-crystal case back. Humidity- and dust-protected only (not water-resistant).
DIAMETER : 44 mm
HEIGHT : 17.35 mm
BRACELET : Alligator leather with square scales. Hand-engraved fold-over clasp. 

Patek Philippe Grand Complications 6002R-001 18K Gold

  • Shop 1 : 金鐘夏慤道海富中心商場一樓21號鋪 (金鐘A出口)

    Shop No.21 on 1/F of The Podium Admiralty Centre No.18 Harcourt Road Hong Kong

    Shop 2 : 尖沙咀麼地道63號好時中心09號地舖 (尖沙咀P2出口)

    Unit No.9 on Ground Floor Houston Centre No.63 Mody Road Kowloon Hong Kong

    Shop 3 : 深水埗深之都一樓 89-91舖 (深水埗D2出口)

    Shop 89-91 1/F Metro Sham Shui Shum Shui Po Kowloon Hong Kong

    Shop 4 : 深水埗深之都一樓13-15舖 (深水埗D2出口)

    Shop 13-15, 1/F Metro Sham Shui Shum Shui Po Kowloon Hong Kong

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    ~Our company does not have online or phone reservations for the goods sold. If you want to keep the goods, you need to order on a first-come-first-served basis. For details, please contact our staff for inquiries~

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