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Frequently Asked Questions

・ Is the second watch purchased by the customer at CLUB WATCH genuine?


The watches sold in this shop are guaranteed to be original and authentic, and customers can go to the service center for inspection. Our store has been certified by HKRMA and holds the "Quality Service Certification" mark.

・How to sell watches?

You are welcome to put it on sale in our shop, or proceed as follows:

  1. Photograph the front, back, side, certificate, and a box of the watch

  2. Send the picture to us by WhatsApp (+852 6808 8810)

  3. After receiving the information, we will give a preliminary quotation

  4. After you are satisfied with the quotation, you can go to our store for cash delivery

Contact method:

Contact number: 6808 8810

WhatsApp: +852 6808 8810

Facebook: Club Watch

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