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Refund regulations:

  • -The products sold by our company do not provide trial services;

  • -Once the product is opened, it will not be returned/refunded for non-quality reasons;

  • -Product problems caused by unauthorized or incorrect maintenance, alteration, installation, misuse, negligence, or abuse will not be returned/refunded;

  • -Partial returns/refunds are not allowed for gift packs in the sale of merchandise, gifts attached to the sale of merchandise, or merchandise in a set product;

  • -Commodities such as torn, altered labels and marks will not be returned/refunded;

  • -If the product is damaged due to the customer, including size modification, washing, oiling, long-term wear and improper storage, the product will not be returned/refunded;

  • -If the customer directly sends the product back to Club Watch without the consent of Club Watch and has not applied for a return/refund, Club Watch will not be liable for storage, re-delivery, or refund, and has the right to handle the stranded products when necessary.

  • Club Watch guarantees that all products sold are genuine and there is no quality problem. If the customer has doubts about whether the product is genuine, please submit a written appraisal from a professional quality supervision and inspection agency, and Club Watch will handle it in accordance with the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

  • -The returned/refunded product must be unopened, and the packaging must be kept in the same condition as it was sold. If there are gifts, they must be returned;

  • -The products in question must be returned or exchanged within seven days from the date of purchase, and no return/refund service will be provided after the expiry date.

  • -When submitting a return/refund application, please take a picture of the key points of the problem, the problem must be clearly visible on the picture, and email the picture to us. If the application is accepted, please properly package the goods and return them to the store to avoid collision of the goods.

  • -Shooting lighting, display color difference and other issues will cause the color of the product picture to be different from the actual product. All pictures are for customer reference only, and everything is subject to the actual product;

  • -Returned goods are only accepted for delivery in stores.

  • -When returning the goods, the original packaging boxes/bags, accessories, gifts, manuals, invoices, etc. must be returned together. If there is any omission or the packaging is damaged, even within the seven-day return period, we will not be able to handle the return procedures for you.

  • -Handling fees will be incurred in the process of collecting and refunding money by credit card. If a customer returns a product purchased with a credit card, the actual refunded payment shall be the original transaction price after deducting the handling fee.

  • -Goods purchased directly from stores do not apply to the above return and exchange policies.

  • -Regarding the above return and exchange policies and shipping policies, Club Watch reserves the right to make changes without any written notice.



Enquiries and contact:


Shop 21, 1st Floor, Admiralty Centre Mall, Harcourt Road, Admiralty (Admiralty Exit A);

Shop 89-91 on the first floor of the Sham Shui Po, Sham Shui Po: Turn left and then left on the underground escalator up one floor (Exit D2 in Sham Shui Po);

Shop 12-15, 1st Floor, Sham Shui Po, Sham Shui Po: Go up the underground escalator and turn right (Exit D2, Sham Shui Po)



Hotline: +852 6808 8810

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