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Privacy statement

In order to protect the rights and interests of users, please read the following rules carefully before using the "Club Watch" (hereinafter referred to as Club Watch or this website) service. If visitors use any service provided by Club Watch, they agree to and abide by all regulations of this website and local laws and regulations.


  • Club Watch provides shopping services and price inquiries through the website. The prices provided are all reference prices, and the actual selling price is accurate as reported by the Club Watch staff. The brand-name products provided on the website are guaranteed to be genuine.

  • After the user has registered (if applicable), he shall be responsible for the security of his account and password, and shall not transfer, lend, or disclose his account and password to others. If you find that your account has been illegally used, you should notify Club Watch immediately. If the account and password are illegally used by others, Club Watch does not assume any responsibility.

  • Member registration (if applicable)-When a user registers as a Club Watch member, Club Watch will ask the user to provide personal information, including personal information such as name, gender, date of birth, education level, occupation, monthly income, email, etc. If you fail to provide these information, you will not be able to successfully register as a member, and you will not be able to use the relevant member services.

  • Use online payment service (if applicable)-The payment service provider provided by Club Watch is PAYPAL, and the information entered by the user (including: name, phone number, address, email address, relevant account information and credit card) is directly stored in The server of the payment provider is covered by the protection provided by the payment provider.

  • Club Watch will not publish any information of individual users. The collected personal data will provide users with the requested content, products or services, contact users, conduct market research, improve services, and provide members with discounts.

  • The price provided by Club Watch is for reference only. Club Watch will not be liable for any damages if the user causes losses.

  • For the products resold by Club Watch, the maintenance service is the responsibility of the manufacturer, and Club Watch will not have any maintenance responsibility for the products.

  • If the user has any losses due to system failures, Club Watch shall not be liable for any compensation.

  • Club Watch shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages caused by the user's use of the services of this website or the inability to use the services.

  • Club Watch has the right to modify any clause of this agreement at any time. If you do not agree with Club Watch's amendment to the relevant clauses of this agreement, the user has the right to stop using the service and withdraw from the membership (if applicable). If the user continues to use any service on this website, it is deemed to have accepted Club Watch's amendments to the relevant terms of this agreement.

  • For all material damage and reputation damage caused by violation of this agreement, the user agrees to be fully liable for damages to Club Watch and its affiliates, employees and related personnel.

  • The conclusion, implementation, interpretation and dispute resolution of this agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. If any clause in this agreement is completely or partially invalid or not enforceable for any reason, the remaining clauses in this agreement shall still be valid and binding.


If you have any questions about privacy, please feel free to contact us.


Enquiries and contact:

Address: Shop 21, 1st Floor, Admiralty Centre Mall, Harcourt Road, Admiralty (Exit A, Admiralty); Shop 89-91, 1st Floor, Sham Shui Po, Sham Shui Po: Turn left and then left on the first floor of the underground escalator (Exit D2, Sham Shui Po); Shop 12-15, 1st Floor, Sham Shui Po, Sham Shui Po: Go up the underground escalator and turn right (Exit D2, Sham Shui Po)



Hotline: +852 6808 8810

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